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Feb. 11, 2016

School Districts

Looking for a Home in a Specific School Area?

School house   On Demand Realty can help!

To help you find the most current homes for sale near the schools you prefer, we have used our map searching feature to overlay the school district boundaries on our system. Click Here to see ...

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Oct. 25, 2015

Commuter Solutions

Tired of the Time Behind the Wheel?

San Francisco Gridlock

As the economy gets stronger in the Bay Area, the highway commute picks up in direct relation.  More jobs = more workers = more cars taking those workers to the jobs.  With home prices increasing rapidly near the San Francisco city hub, more and more ...

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Oct. 15, 2015

Home Searching Made Easy

We've just added a Revolutionary New Search Feature - Map Searching! 

Simply draw a map of the areas you want to search in and all the available homes appear both on the map and in a list.  Save the search and get Daily Updates!  That was Easy!

How to ...

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Sept. 29, 2015

50 Safest Cities in California!

50 Safest Cities in California

Seeking to Buy in 1 of the Top 50 Cities in California? 

Well, the results are in! Based on a report from Safewise, who ranked the cities, here is the list from the SF East Bay.

8 of the Top 50 Safest Cities in California are in the East ...

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July 26, 2015

Cable Car Museum

How do the SF Cable Cars Work?

San Francisco has one of the world's last operating municipal cable car systems.  You have all seen the pictures of people riding the cars, but do you really know how they work?

San Francisco Cable Cars     Cable Car Diagram

The next time you are in San ...

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