About On Demand Realty and Our Agents

On Demand Realty has been founded on the goal of meeting customer expectations for all real estate transactions.  Whether it is helping Sellers determine the best market price and marketing program or Buyers to find their ideal home based on realistic qualifications, On Demand Realty promises to only provide honest, responsive, professional service to our clients. For Property Investors, On Demand Realty helps to assess investment strategies, secure funding, place tenants and manage properties with a keen focus on the bottom line of financial success and tenant satisfaction.

 Robert “Bob” Lowry | Owner - On Demand Realty

 Customer Focused with a Get it Done attitude describes Bob.  He first got his real estate license in 1988 while living in Rhode Island. Since that time he has been working with customers in many areas of business for over past 35 years.  From real estate investment, telecommunications, retail and international business, he has owned, operated and successfully developed all with a focus on the customer experience.  He is focused on understanding the customer needs then helping to identify creative solutions and making them happen.  He is a strong supporter of the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) method of business. 

As the owner of On Demand Realty his goal is bring this professional experience to a sometimes confusing and tense industry, remove the mystery and make it a pleasant experience for all parties.

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