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On Demand Realty Knowledge Base

Enter your search term below to find valuable information within On Demand Realty website.  Search for City Names, Schools, Prograns i.e. VA/FHA, Assistance programs, Blogs, etc.


On Demand Address Search

So next time you are driving, see a home for sale and want info, go to this link, enter the house number and you'll get the info you want.

Creating and Saving a Search - An On Demand OnLine Guide

Our website has VERY powerful search features to help make your searching experience easier and faster.  When these searches are then saved, you will get targeted and current daily updates to keep you informed of the latest listings and price changes in your market.

Sellers - What's My Home Worth?

This tool will provide you estimated valuations (high, average, low) for the property address entered based on local publicly available information. This resource is supported with a national database so users can get valuations outside of our brokerage service area to support interest in other areas of the country if they moving from or to our service area.

Buyers - What Happens After My Offer Is Accepted? (a video)

This 2 minute video will describe the buying process, who does what in the process so you will better understand what to expect once your offer is accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

This page will help to answer common questions on topics like:

  • What is the difference between Pre-Approval and Pre-Qualfied?
  • Why give On Demand Realty's name at an Open House?
  • What is a Buyer's Agent or all the stuff about Agency?
  • How long do I have to wait if I've had a bankruptcy or foreclosure?
  • Who pays the sales commission?
  • What are my mortgage options: Conventional, FHA, VA, etc?
  • How can I find if a Condo is certified by FHA and/or VA?
  • What are the current mortgage loan limits and how can I quickly determine how much I can afford?
  • What if I don't have the funds for a down payment?
  • Can I use Gift Funds for a down payment and what is a Gift Letter?
  • What if the home I made an offer on does not appraise?
  • What is the difference between Appraised Value and Market Value?
  • Can I transfer my home's base value to my new home under Proposition 13?

Market Data, Statistics and Community Reports

These links will provide information on the local trends in the housing markets based on sales as well as provide local demographic information. The first 2 reports are by County and show the various cities.  The last link allows you to select the city or zip and compare 2 selections of data online.  Enter the City or Zip Code to find information on Housing, People, Economy, Schools, environment, Quality of Life and a Map. 

Local School Information

  • School Ratings by Community - this report provides the State of California School Ratings for the selected City or Zip that you enter.  the information includes the servicing school district, the schools, their locations, ranking of 1-10, class size etc.
  • List of Schools by City or Zip Code - this resource will give you a list of the Public and Private schools in the area you select and is supported by the National Center for Education Statistics.
  • School Information - this page provides the links to view school boundary maps or search engines to find which schools service which home address.This information should be verified with the local school department before using this to make a real estate investment.
  • Homes for Sale in a School District - this page will show select schools and provide mapped school boundaries and the latest homes for sale in those boundaries.  If saved, you will get daily updates of all listing changes: new, under contract or sold.

Crime Reports by City or Zip Code

This resource provide a graphical depiction of the various crimes reported by the local police departments.  You can set a time range and the types of information you are interested in to show on the map.  NOTE: Not all police departments report to this service so if you do not see any information displayed for the area you selected you should contact the local police department for information.

County Websites and Maps

These links will take you to the county websites or provide a map of the county for you to use as reference.

First Time Buyer Programs for Down Payment & Closing Cost Assistance

As a First Time Home Buyer there are government funding or grant programs available to you based on your income qualifications, credit scores, residency requirements, available public funds and in some cases, your participation in some program courses. These programs can assist with Down Payments, lower qualification criteria, etc., and are intended to help you "Get In the Market" to share the rewards of home ownership.

Most lenders are aware of these programs and can assist you, or we can provide references, but if you are one of the people that want to check these things out yourself, below is a list of some links to agencies that you can click on to access their websites.  




NOTE: On Demand Realty does not have any direct or indirect relationship with any of these agencies, lenders, or programs and only provide these links as a courtesy to you as a First Time Home Buyer. 

Government Portal Sites for Approved Condos

The links below will take you to the government sponsored website portals where you can enter the City, State, etc and get the name of the Condominium Associations that have been approved by the respective agency.

California County Property Transfer Tax Rates

The above link will provide you a table of the Transfer Tax Rates by County and City within California.  These values are needed to help calculate the Seller Net Proceeds when selling their home.

On Demand Realty Subscription Services

These subscription resources will keep you informed by automatically delivering market information to your email inbox at a frequency you can control.  All subscriptions are FREE.  You can opt out at any time.

  • On Demand Realty Market Snapshot - this report will give you trends in the real estate market by City or Zip Code as well as new listings, recently sold properties, etc.
  • Bob Lowry Realty Times Newsletter - this FREE newsletter is chock full of tips, advice, and interesting information that is delivered daily to your email in abstract format, so it is easy to read.  View it here and then subscribe.

Property Management Services

On Demand Realty also offers Full Service property management focused on working with investors and owners with investment properties.  Our goal is to maximize your ROI (return on investment), minimize your TCO (total cost of ownership) and help with placement and management of tenants, according to all Fair Housing policies.  We are also prepared to assist in the Acquisition and Disposition of investments.  On these pages you will find Sample Reports and Forms used in our practice as well as our process for managing property.


On Demand Realty also shows listings of rental properties available within the local MLS or within our own property management portfolio. This site does not show listings from 3rd party sites where we are sure in the quality, accuracy and safety of the properties.

Manufactured Homes

With the ever increasing costs of housing, many buyers are considering Manufactured Homes.  These are homes made in a factory by a stable, experienced workforce and shipped to the home site, assembled and connected to local utilities.  They can be placed in Community Parks or on land owned by the homebuyer. Due to being factory made they are 10-20% less/sqft than "stick built" homes, but allow for complete customization of all aspects: styles, colors, appliance brands, etc.  It is not unusual to find homes in excess of 1400 sqft with 8-9 ft ceilings, 2-3 bedrooms, porches, laundry rooms and full kitchens with granite counters etc. Visit our web page Manufactured Homes for more information about lenders, making an offer, types of parks, etc.

NOTE: New homes are considered "personal property" and real estate agents are not licensed to sell them, but if they are placed on a site and not "mobile" they are considered real property so real estate agents are licensed to sell them


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