Fun Times in Real Estate!

It's been a few years working to develop a new brokerage.  Long hours setting up the systems, the website and time spent getting licensed and learning the processes, terms, etc.  At the same time generating and responding to client leads, showing homes and making offers, one deal at a time.  But after being in business 5 years and getting by brokerage license, I can now look back and be thankful for all the wonderful experiences with my clients.  In each case, we met not knowing each other, but by the time the deals were done, we shared a common bond of a journey to find a home.  In some cases, we sold a home, then found a new one.  In other cases, homes were being built so we could watch the weekly growth of the home. But most of the time we toured homes, discussed the views, floor plans, communities and if the new home would pass the "comfort" test.  

All of this was done to make sure that my clients were informed and comfortable with the overall process. A lot of time focused on the end game to securing the Right Home, in the Right Location at the Right Price.

The result - amazing friendships I have made and wonderful review they have blessed me with. "We started as strangers but became friends" as one client said. Unlike global contracts, start-up tech businesses, airports, hotels, and planes, this has truly been a joy to meet and work with such great folks.

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If you are interested in looking for a home to Buy, have a home to Sell, or considering investing in rental property, please let me know.  I would be glad to discuss your plans, timelines and decide if we can mutually find you the best solution!