Buyers, Have you considered drafting a "Love Letter" to help you win that home?  If so, be careful. The purchase of a home is a personal investment and it right to think that you may want to express your desire with the home and how much you like it, but be aware that you may be placing yourself, your broker and the Seller at risk for discrimination.


Please watch the following video, produced by the National Association of Realtors, which will clarify the issues and the cautions.

Best Practices for Buyers Love Letters *

*Source: National Association of Realtors

If you wish to include such additional information, it is advised for you to check with your attorney so that you can assess the risks that may occur.  If then wish to request that On Demand Realty include such a "Love Letter" we will need a letter from your legal counsel indemnifying On Demand Realty from any legal action or recourse.

In practice, On Demand Realty represents Buyers and Sellers based on their objective capabilities to Buy or Sell a home.  This is comply with the Fair Housing Rules on Discrimination and to not impact Buyer or Seller opinions based on their pre-conceived opinions of any Seller or Buyer.  Our suggestion: keep it to the facts in terms of housing features, uses, location and offers of price, terms, etc.  

Any questions, please contact us to for more information.