Looking for a Home in a Specific School Area?

School house   On Demand Realty can help!

To help you find the most current homes for sale near the schools you prefer, we have used our map searching feature to overlay the school district boundaries on our system. Click Here to see a list of schools in the East Bay ranked 8 and higher based on the California State API scores. Find a school and if is highlighted, click to see homes for sale. From the list of homes displayed, click the home listing for more information or contact us to go see the homes.

See below for a sample page showing the listings on the left and the homes on the map within the school district boundaries. 

Clayton High School Map and Homes for Sale

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If you do not find the school district you are looking for, then send us an email at Info@OnDemandRealty.net. Include the your name, address, email and telephone number and the name of the school and city you would like mapped.  We will get back to you when it is completed.

Your comments are appreciated.  Also your referrals to your your friends, families and associates are also appreciated.